aquariums with a difference !


I recently bought a Living Picture aquarium set up from you and this is just a quick e-mail to say how pleased I am with it. It takes centre stage on my living room wall and anyone who visits cannot fail to be impressed by it. Also I think the build quality is excellent. The aquarium has settled down nicely after only 3 weeks, so much so that I have had some Neon Tetra's spawn already !
Mark Barnett



Thanks for the Living Picture Aquarium I ordered. My new girlfriend is intrigued by it and thinks I must be a very caring person because I look after the fish !  Actually they take very little time and effort. I'm wondering whether to put another one in the bedroom !





Just a quick note to tell you how pleased both my wife and I are with our Living Picture Aquarium. We have had it almost 6 weeks and the fish are extremely happy even though the tank is quite narrow. I suppose putting a 1 inch fish in a tank that is only 4ins wide is no different to putting a 3 inch fish in a tank 12 inches wide ! Thanks also for the time you took answering my questions about maintenance, it's a lot easier than one would think and certainly a lot less time consuming than the floor aquarium I used to have.


John and Rita Hepworth




I'm sending you this email to thank you so much for the Living Picture. It's such a joy to watch the beautifully coloured fish swimming around in a picture on my wall ! The movement of the water and fish is something I did not see from your website. Having previously had a floor tank, I was impressed with how neat and tidy the whole thing is. All the equipment being tucked away behind the frame it's really well designed.

Thanks again.


Julie Smith




Couldn't believe how easy it was to install. It took me just 2 hours ! When we first spoke I didn't believe it when you said it was as simple as wiring a plug and fixing a shelf - but you were right. Your instructions were very comprehensive and all the fittings were included.






I've had one of your Living Pictures for 4 years now and it still looks great. I am thinking of getting another for my hallway and wondered if you did anything in a light wood finish other than pine ?

By the way, the website is great and so easy to get around.


Joe Lees




We installed one of your Living Pictures in our reception area and it has certainly caused a lot of interest. The children are fascinated and my patients watch it with interest - it's a great improvement on magazines !


Groom's Dentist Surgery



I have had a living picture aquarium for about 10 years now and it is still going strong !

Visitors always comment on how well it looks.

Thank You

Mr K Baldwin