aquariums with a difference !

Unique ideas for all restaurants and hotels

Are you looking for something stylish and different that will cause comment ?

 Something exciting and memorable for your restaurant ?






This wall mounted picture aquarium 

is the perfect decoration for your restaurant.

A miniature 3D underwater tropical scene 

with brightly coloured tropical fish and gently flowing water 

A real 'Living Picture' - on your wall.



The perfect point of interest in your restaurant

Wall decoration for your guests to enjoy

Make your restaurant stand out with this Unique Concept

  • Unique and unusual

  • Beautiful in your restaurant - a real point of interest

  • Fantastic themed aquariums

  • Many different sizes and colours available to suit your decor

  • Provides hours of entertainment

  • Great for kids - but out of reach!

  • Tropical fish relieve stress and anxiety

  • Safe and proven environment for tropical fish

  • Simple to fix - easy to maintain

  • Over 6,000 sold throughout the UK

  • Proven and Tested over 5 years

  • All in a beautiful picture frame that fits neatly and easily onto your wall 


Available in a choice of colours, sizes and themes to suit any decor and situation.

Suitable for the smaller more popular species of tropical fish.