aquariums with a difference !
Design Concept

Space Saving - No Clutter !

  • Wall mounted at eye level, neat and saving on valuable floor space without the clutter !

  • Stylish aquariums in self-contained units with magnetic catches and integral fixing brackets for totally secure fixing.

  • The 3D picture can be changed at will by adding and re-arranging plants and ornaments.

  • No obtrusive equipment. Filters, heaters and overhead lighting system are all hidden behind the picture frame leaving a bright colourful Living Picture.





Exhibition in Germany      


Easily Fitted - Exactly like a Fitting a Shelf

  • No need to make any alterations to your wall. The Living Picture can easily be taken down and moved to a new location if required.

  • Simple to fix to your wall - exactly like fitting a shelf and wiring a plug. This is a simple DIY task.

  • Living Pictures are completely safe and secure. Tested for 9 years with thousands of installations worldwide.

  • The aquariums are made from a strong 6mm glass and have been tested and approved for tropical fish by the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association.

  • Installation can be on any flat wall area either solid brick, block or wood. Living Pictures can also be fitted to the timber uprights in stud partitions.






Simple to Maintain

  • Maximum effect with minimal maintenance.

  • The top lifts and the front frame opens downwards giving easy access for feeding and maintenance .

  • Living Pictures are true aquariums.

  • Use an Algae Magnet to clean front and sponge on a stick for the back. Both are available in the maintenance kit.

  • Eye Level fixing makes water changes easy by simple syphoning. 






Tried and Tested

  • Fully tested safe environment in which the smaller more common species of tropical fish can thrive.

  • Suitable for Neon Tetras, Harlequins, Zebras, most other Tetras and the more common species of small tropical fish.

  • Unique system of fixing aquarium background inside the tank gives a stunning picture effect.

  • Unique Registered Design.

  • Established 1996.

  • Over 6,000 Living Picture Aquariums sold in the UK.