aquariums with a difference !

Unique ideas for Indian Restaurants


Need something different, exciting & unique for your Indian restaurant ?


Beautifully lit Tropical Fish Aquarium on Your Wall

Totally Unique - Fits onto your Wall like a Picture


Customers will be entertained and calmed watching the brightly coloured tropical fish darting between the plants in this totally unique and enchanting aquarium fitted onto your wall.


Living Pictures are brightly lit and will enhance the decor 

in any Indian restaurant and lighten any room.


Your customers will be fascinated with your Living Picture. 

They will tell friends and relatives about it.


Living Pictures come in a choice of different wood finishes

to match any decor.


Choose from the 4ft model or the 7ft 6ins model which is quite spectacular.


There is a choice of many different backgrounds including

a picture of the Taj Mahal - appropriate for Indian restaurants.  


The Living Picture is neat and tidy with all equipment hidden behind the picture frame. 

No floor space is required so it dosen't take up floor area that could 

otherwise be used for tables etc.


We have fitted a special laminated safety glass to the front of the aquarium although to date this has never been needed.


The Living Picture fits onto your wall so there are no building alterations needed. The only requirement is a solid wall and an electrical wire connected to an ordinary plug.


This range of Living Pictures has been specifically 

designed for restaurants. They are made from a solid 

hardwood frame and hardwood veneered cabinet and all 

varnished to a high standard by our own cabinet makers.


Living Pictures are completely safe and secure. 

Once fitted they can are solid but can be dismantled with minimum fuss.


Maintenance is simple and a full maintenance kit is included.

Should you require this task to be carried out by someone else,

 we can arrange for a local aquarium maintenance firm to do 

this for you for a small monthly fee.


Living Pictures was established in 1996 

and has supplied over 6,000 aquariums.