aquariums with a difference !
Themes and Backgrounds

Choose from four stunning themes

Available with any size, colour or frame style.





A stunning backdrop of Greek Ruins and Statues with matching ornaments that fit inside the tank. Deep blue gravel is recommended - plants complete the scene to give an effective 3D effect of the city under the sea.

Grand master in White Picture Frame illustrated.


Crystal Cave



This is something totally different. A Jet Black backdrop (as in a cave) with real rose quartz rocks to decorate the inside of the tank and pebbles complete this stunning effect. This theme looks particularly well with a black frame, white gravel and neon tetras.

Please note - We now supply green plants with this.

Original in Black Picture Frame illustrated.





If its a more traditional aquatic look you want, this is for you! A blue and green coloured backdrop with rocks - produces a beautiful underwater scene which complements the colour of the topical fish.

1200 Original in Cherry Picture Frame illustrated.


Blue Lagoon



A modern aquarium look. Luscious Green plants gently sway in the water movement against a background of pure blue. The Deep Blue in the backdrop gives the Aquarium a real Tropical Flavour and shows up the fish and their colours really well.

Master in Mahogany Picture Frame illustrated.


Mirrored Back



With a mirror at the back of your Living Picture your aquarium seems to have twice as many fish and appears much deeper. 

Shown here in Mahogany Hardwood 120cm x 56cm



Or choose an alternative background picture


Golden Pond


Coral Reef


Lush Lagoon


Blue Waters






Water Flower


Rock Pond


Blue Lagoon


Black Lagoon (just black)