aquariums with a difference !
Package Details (Including Maintenance Kit)

Price Includes


Cabinet and Frame in a choice of colours and sizes

Strong 6mm Glass Aquarium with sliding Condensation Trays to prevent evaporation

Themed Aquarium Background Picture - Already fitted for your convenience

Aquascaper 'Living World' Artificial Plants for ease of maintenance

Thermostatically controlled aquarium Heater for Tropical Fish

Fluorescent Light Tube - correct size for your Living Picture

Reflector Unit - chosen for the best lighting effect for Living Pictures

Liquid Crystal Thermometer

Ornaments and Rocks (Crystal Cave & Atlantis themes)

'Arcadia' Aquarium Transformer unit for Light

Internal Power Filtration unit with built-in Aeration system

Aquarium Cable Tidy for - Keeping wires tidy !

All Fittings and Full Instructions




A Free Full Maintenance Kit 

Specially Selected for Living Picture Aquariums

Worth 37

includes :-


Fantastic 'Algae Magnet' for cleaning the front glass

Two sided Cleaner and Planter tool - perfect for Living Pictures

Tetra Min fish food - the best food for your fish

Aquasafe - A few drops in your tap water makes it instantly safe for aquariums

White Nylon Fish Net - specially selected for Living Picture Aquariums

Packet of Background Stickers - enables you to change background picture in the future

Prime Gravel Cleaner Syphon Kit -  for easy Aquarium cleaning

Aquarium Book - Guide to keeping Tropical Fish

Feeder Blocks for your fish - when you go away for a few days.


Please note: Plants, ornaments & equipment may vary slightly according to availability.